The Shield Church | Rock Hill, SC | Melroid + Chanel | Wedding Videography

Melroid and Chanel sat in our living room as we had our initial meeting. I love it when meeting with clients become more of a hangout time with casual conversation about the wedding and their relationship. It helps both parties get to know each other better and we become more comfortable as the convo progresses.

This couple makes it very hard not to relax. They are smiling, talking, and playing around the entire time and you just can tell they themselves are friends. 

Melroid and Chanel chose The Shield Church in Rock Hill, South Carolina as their wedding venue. It has a large sanctuary with an elevated stage and a huge gym for a reception venue.      

Ok I have to tell you guys about this next "treat"! This really got Donnae and I very excited! This is the first wedding we ever done film for were the bride and groom rented out a ICE CREAM TRUCK!!! It was literally free ice cream for everybody! My childhood revisited me at this wedding, all I wanted was a screwball (you the the cone filled with frozen sorbet with a bubble gum ball at the bottom). Kudos to the Lynn's for this first time experience. 

So much more I can say about this wedding but I am going to let the videography take care of the rest. Leave a comment and we will get back with you. Enjoy the production and the rest of the photos. 

All photos taken by Dorn-Long Photography